Mark Andreev

#[ Machine Learning Engineer ]

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Machine Learning Engineer
Software Engineering Machine Learning Deep Learning Statistics

// Technologies

DS Toolkit Web classic/async Scrapping ETL

Java, C++
Cython Hibernate Spring

Postgres MongoDB RabbitMQ Docker Linux

// Education

Lomonosov Moscow State University Master's degree Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

Moscow Power Engineering Institute Bachelor's degree Institute of automatics and computer science

// Publications

A New Approach to Determining the Attitude of Authors of Short Texts to the Topics Discussed in the Texts on the Example of Estimating the Inflations Expectations, Oct 2017 DATA ANALYTICS AND MANAGEMENT IN DATA INTENSIVE DOMAINS, DAMDID / RCDL’2017

Big Data approach to measure inflation expectations: the case of the Russian economy, Jul 16, 2017 IFABS 2017 Oxford Conference

Оценка инфляционных ожиданий российского населения методами машинного обучения, Jun 2017 Вопросы Экономики