How to move k3s data to another location

Dec 21, 2020 | - views

The standard data location used for k3s is /run/k3s, /var/lib/kubelet/pods, /var/lib/rancher. Because this directory contains all containers/images/volumes, it can be large. So you no need to store this in OS Volume when you can use separate data volume.

1. Stop daemon

# systemctl stop k3s
# systemctl stop k3s-agent
# /usr/local/bin/

2. Copy files to new location

# mv /run/k3s/ /datadrive/k3s/
# mv /var/lib/kubelet/pods/ /datadrive/k3s-pods/
# mv /var/lib/rancher/ /datadrive/k3s-rancher/

3. Create symbolic link

# ln -s /datadrive/k3s/ /run/k3s
# ln -s /datadrive/k3s-pods/ /var/lib/kubelet/pods
# ln -s /datadrive/k3s-rancher/ /var/lib/rancher

4. Start daemon

# systemctl start k3s
# systemctl start k3s-agent